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The mindful tiger has a strong interest in equanimity. He has spent a lifetime prowling on the mindful/mindlessness plains. He has extensive experience in mindfulness training and in universities. Away from the cages of his academic writing the mindful tiger feels more at home writing in the vast open Savanna of the blogging world. He was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, has taken refuge with the Dalai Lama but lives a very westernised lifestyle which has led to some insightful polarities! The purpose of this blog is to consider the difficulties that present themselves by living mindfully in a world that often advocates the opposite. pLEASE JOIN THIS CO-CREATION OF KNOWLEDGE WITH HUMOUR AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ... AUTHENTICITY.

The mindful tiger also invites guest blogger contributions provided they add to the discussion in a meaningful and engaged way. Please email mindfultiger@outlook.com with your submissions. 


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The mindful tiger lives in beautiful places in the North West of England. For more information email:



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